Useful Tips For Buying Electric Overhead Beam Cranes At Great Prices

If your construction company requires the use of electric overhead beam cranes, you’ll be surprised to find that there are many different brands that produce this type of crane (тип мостовых кранов). However, you may be interested to know that the vast majority of these brands overcharge regarding the beam cranes they produce. With this in mind, any savvy professional in the construction industry should go to extra lengths to get beam cranes at a price lower than what is normally expected in the market. Hence, here are some useful tips for buying electric overhead beam cranes at great prices.

Electric Overhead Beam Cranes for sale
Electric Overhead Beam Cranes

If you’ve worked in the construction industry for a while, it’s likely you have many different connections with various manufacturers. When looking to acquire these cranes for a reasonable price, it’s important to contact as many different manufacturers as possible. By casting a wide net, you’ll put yourself in a situation which will maximize the chances of getting a fantastic price on these expensive cranes. Thus, you should immediately reach out to representatives of these producers and see whether negotiations can be started for a possible order on these cranes.

There are certain tactics that can help you secure a great price on these cranes. First of all, you should approach any negotiation talks by remembering never to offer your best price. You want to ensure that you can get the best deal possible, which means getting a price that is better than the maximum you’re willing to pay. Once you’ve offered the highest price you’re willing to pay for these cranes, you get put into a position where it’s very unlikely you’ll get offered a price that is any lower. Hence, in order to increase your chances of getting a price that is significantly lower than what other market participants are paying, never offer the best price you and your company are willing to pay. At the same time, you can also learn more about the overhead cranes by using some well-known websites, such as the following link:

Electric Overhead Cranes cost
Electric Overhead Cranes

Furthermore, using more aggressive tactics when negotiating is a great way to coerce the electric overhead beam crane manufacturer into providing a cheap deal on the cranes. Aggressive tactics involve offering final offers that cannot be negotiated. These final offers are only to be used after a significant amount of negotiations have already occurred. If there is trouble reaching a definitive conclusion regarding a potential deal, it is best to provide a final offer that cannot be negotiated.

When a manufacturer of electric overhead beam cranes is faced with a final proposition, they will consider it extensively. So long as the offer is somewhat reasonable, there is a strong chance that it will be accepted. Considering it is a final offer, the manufacturer will have to deal with the prospect of making zero sales if they decide that the offer isn’t good enough. When faced with such a scenario, many sellers will cave and accept what is being proposed.

Thus, by using the negotiating strategies outlined, buying electric overhead beam cranes for a good price is certainly possible. More construction professionals need to understand just how effective the right negotiating tactics can be when trying to buy new equipment.

Overhead Cranes – Indispensable Equipment in Modern Industry

Moving of heavy and large loads within a facility can be cumbersome and hence the use of an overhead crane can relieve you the work of doing so. Overhead cranes are machines that have been designed to move a load of a specific capacity in a specific direction assisting in the movement of the load.
Using an overhead crane in a facility is very safe and efficient as it reduces the overall working time compared to using manpower in doing the job.

Single Girder Overhead Cranes
Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are used in different areas that include

  • Aiding in the transportation of materials from a storage area to where they are required.
  • Moving of heavy and huge materials within a warehouse.
  • Loading of final products from the assembly point into a truck.
  • Moving different types of materials and products in the production process.
  • Unloading different materials from a truck.
  • In manufacturing industries( industrias manufactureras ) to load raw materials into the machines.
  • Moving of containers in a shipping facility.


  • Hook: this is a device that is used to hold the load allowing for lifting of the load.
  • Hoist: it consists of a powered motor and a rope that is used to lift the load.
  • Trolley: the hoist is mounted unto the trolley thus giving the hoist support. The trolley can either be under-running where the trolley wheels on the bottom flange of the crane beam or it can be a top-running where the wheels run on rails fitted on the top part of the crane beam.
  • Bridge: this is the structural component of an overhead crane and consists of one or more load bearing beams that span the width of the building.
  • Runway: this is the support system on which the crane operates.
  • Runway rails( rieles de pista ): it is supported by the runway beams for the crane to travel on.
  • End trucks: they house the wheels used by the crane to travel.
  • Bumper: this is a device that will absorb energy once the crane has stopped moving thus reducing impact.
  • Controls: they operate the relays and contactors mounted on the crane by use of push buttons and switches.
Double Girder Bridge Crane
Double Girder Bridge Crane

Different types

There are different types of overhead cranes and these are dependent on the loading capacity of the crane, size of the crane, shape of the crane, location of the crane and motion of the crane all that allows the identification of the proper crane for a specific purpose. These include;

1.Bridge crane

They operate on two overhead runways on the building and a bridge is used to move the crane on the runways while the hoist runs on either side of the bridge.
They can be either single girder or double girder depending on the number of beams making up the bridge.

2.Grant crane

They are similar to bridge cranes but they use legs that travel on the rails located on top or within the floor instead of moving on runways.

3.Jib crane

These are cranes that are mounted on columns or on building walls and can rotate at different degrees.

4.Monorail crane(grua monopuente)

These type of cranes use a trolley system to carry the hoist on a single direction enabling them to carry loads back and forth.

5.Workstation crane

They are designed to carry a light load in a smaller area of work.

Working process of an overhead crane

Using the controls on the crane, the switch button is turned on by an operator which in turn powers the electric motor of the hoist via electric wire ropes connected to the hoist by the trolley. The trolley then moves horizontally along the bridge positioning the hoist and hook to pick up the load. The hook is then attached to the load and the hoist, using a rope will lift the load. The bridge will move the hoist which travels on the runway containing rails to a specific direction. Once it has reached the destination, the bumpers that are attached to the bridge, trolley or runway will stop the crane from moving. The trolley will then position the hoist and hook to lower the load.

Parameters to consider when using overhead cranes

•Overhead crane capacity

This refers to the weight in tons that a crane can carry. Different cranes are designed to carry different amounts of weight.

•Lifting height

This refers to the distance between the hook and the ground.

•Working speed

This refers to the speed at which the crane is working in lifting the load.

Gantry Cranes
Gantry Cranes

Distinguishing features

  • The hoist system travels on a bridge.
  • These type of cranes move on parallel runways.
  • They can carry hot loads and thus are safer.

Advantages of using cranes for lifting purposes

  1. They are safe because they are designed to work in a specific area.
  2. Overhead cranes are flexible since they can operate on different surfaces.
  3. They are cheap since they do not require a lot of labour to operate. Get a low price but high quality crane from Aicrane(Aicrane Grua).
  4. They help in avoiding damage to the load since they move in a straight path.

How To Find 1 Ton Overhead Crane Suppliers In China

Shopping around for 1 ton overhead cranes can be a cumbersome task. However, the better you know what you need to use your crane for, the easier it’s going to be to find the right equipment. Sometimes, the best suppliers aren’t necessarily your local ones. Here’s how to find 1 ton overhead crane suppliers in China, without having to travel or to meet anyone face-to-face.

One of the methods is to use one of the top search engines. Just type in the question and take a closer look at the results. Many China suppliers of industrial equipment have excellent websites. They know that attracting international clients is a matter of building a solid image and a great reputation on the global market. This is why many of them invest time and effort into offering potential clients detailed information about their production facilities and about their equipment.

1T Overhead Crane
1 Ton Overhead Crane

The other method to find such suppliers in China is to search within, the world renowned global business directory that connects China entrepreneurs with international clients. In fact, you can also search within various industrial business directories that feature a heavy lifting equipment section. Go directly to that section and take a look at all businesses listed there. You may be able to find a few China businesses that meet your quality standards.

Speaking of this, buying industrial machines from China doesn’t mean that you’re going to compromise on their quality. Many of these manufacturers follow very strict quality control standards and procedures, in order to make sure they deliver reliable and durable equipment to serve their customers for a very long time. Some also offer additional services such as maintenance and operator training. Check out all these details prior to making your final decision. Some of them will have a direct influence on your choice.

Single Girder Overhead Crane
Single Girder Overhead Crane 1T

If you can’t find the 1 ton overhead crane you need, consider contacting these suppliers to ask for the full inventory list and for the technical sheets of this type of machine. The main idea is to find several suppliers you know you can count on. Invite all of them to provide you with cost estimates and job schedules. Don’t forget to ask these companies to provide you with their full credentials, as well as with several client references. Make sure all candidates are keen on delivering the order on time. Check out their insurance coverage, so that you can have the peace of mind that you’ll get compensated in case of damage during transportation.

After you get all these quotes, compare them side by side. Assess their advantages and their drawbacks, and remember to weigh their benefits in relation to your needs. If, for instance, you prefer a better warranty, you’ll want to choose the supplier that offers it, regardless of their price. If, on the contrary, keeping your initial costs low is your top priority, you’ll want to go for the least expensive of these suppliers. Nonetheless, as you’ve already done the preliminary screening, you’ll know that you won’t make any compromise on the quality of the crane.

Why You Should Learn The Features Of A Light Duty Overhead Crane

Would you like to obtain a brand-new light duty overhead Crane? These are among the more popular types of gantry cranes that are sold. If you have a warehouse, or a shipping facility, they are quite common, positioned down the narrow corridors of the facilities that you own. They can be stationary or portable. If they are stationary, they will use the existing structure of the facility to support themselves. If not, they will have their own base and it will be mobile. They are also referred to as a traveling crane, one that can help your is and save a lot of money, and also increase your production levels. There are certain features that you need to be aware of before you purchase one.

good single girder overhead crane
High Quality Single Girder For Sale

The Main Features That People Look For On Light Duty Overhead Cranes

The features that these cranes have are similar to many others. They will consist of single or double girders, a trolley, hoist, cables, and a console from which it is operated. People are often looking for those that have a good traveling distance, and trolleys that can last for many years. In many cases, the trolley line length can extend as far as 100 m, and they will often operate with a very low amount of voltage. This final feature is beneficial for those that have large facilities that are trying to save money on their utility bills yet still have the most optimal light duty overhead Crane being use continually. You can find listings for these different cranes, and all of the features for them, so that you can make the right choice.

How Much Are These Cranes Capable Of Lifting In General?

These cranes are able to lift up to 20 tons in most cases. You can get them as small as a 1 ton crane. The span length is variable, something that you can request depending upon the size of the facility where it will be installed. Many will go far beyond 30 m in width. The lifting height can be almost 20 m in height, and are often suitable for a wide range of temperature variations. Whether you are using this in a cooler facility, or one that can get extremely hot, they still should retain all of their capabilities and mobility.

light duty bridge crane
Light Duty Overhead Crane for Sale

Other Things To Consider Before Purchasing One

There are several other things to consider including the price of the crane. Price comparison shopping with companies that make similar ones is going to show you whether or not you are paying the least amount of money. Cost is just one factor. You also need to consider the reputation of the company, the quality of their cranes, and how soon they can be shipped out.

Now that you know a little bit more about the features on these by duty overhead cranes, you will be ready to make your decision. Always try to find the best one based upon not just cost, but also its reliability and capabilities. The time it will take to ship to your location may also factor in, along with the shipping cost. Once installed, these can change the production levels at your facility significantly, helping you to take on more clients and fulfill orders at a much faster pace.

The Protection Devices Used With Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

If you are in the market for a brand-new explosion proof overhead crane, you will want to obtain one from a reliable business. These are often used in coal mines, or various other hazardous locations. They will have what are called spark resistant features, and this will be incorporated into many of the different components that these cranes have. Let’s go over the different protection devices that are used with explosion proof cranes and where you can get good deals on them.

Weihua QB crane for sale
QB Double Girder Overhead Crane forSale

What Exactly Is And Explosion Proof Crane?

The reason that they are called explosion proof is that you will not be able to generate a spark off of them. This is very important when these cranes are used in areas where potential fires can start. For example, if you were to have a spark occur in a coal mine, and if the coal were close by, this could actually lead to a fire. That could cause significant damage, and people could become injured or even die. Therefore, special types of material are used in the construction of these explosion proof cranes.

How Are These Constructed?

These are constructed with all of the standard apparatuses that you will find on most overhead cranes. This will include a hoist, pulley, trolley, and everything that will keep it in place. Every piece of metal that is part of these cranes will not cause a spark. Therefore, if you have ever installed one of these before, it will have the same specs in regard to regular cranes. You will want to look at the lifting capacity, lifting height, in the span of the crane. You need to know about the hydraulic power, the voltage, and how soon it can be shipped.

Ways To Find The Best Company To Get One

To find the best company, you will need to locate one that is well-known in the industry. Preferably, you should find a company that is able to ship one out the same week that you order. People that have use this company before may have commented about how good it is. If so, you can probably trust that anything you purchase from this business will be reliable. If you need one that will not spark, you will certainly need to consider an explosion proof crane that you can use in coal mines and in similar locations.

QB explosion crane for sale
Weihua Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Now that you have a better idea of what an explosion proof overhead crane is, you can begin to look for them on the web. Some of these companies are exceptionally large, capable of sending out more than one if need be. Estimates need to be obtained from these companies. You should be able to find a couple of them that are very popular. If they can give you the right price, you will be able to find it very quickly and have it sent so it can be set up so that you can proceed with your business. Best of all, you will know exactly where to go the next time that you need to invest in one.

Why You Should Purchase A 3 Ton Bridge Crane From Leading Crane Supplier

If you have a 3 ton bridge crane that you use at your facility, they are very useful for many different reasons. You can obtain one from a leading crane supplier if you know where to look. It just takes a little bit of time to find one. There are several different companies that sell them online. You can have them delivered within the month. If you order these from overseas, this is where you can get the best deals on them. To find a company that is selling them right now, these tips will help you locate one of the most reliable businesses that sells 3 ton bridge cranes every day.

3 Ton Bridge Crane
3 Ton Bridge Crane

Where Should You Begin Your Search?

If you want to spend a little bit of time searching for these, that’s probably in your best interest. There are so many businesses that offer these machines, but not all of them are going to be affordable. Some will be priced thousands of dollars higher than their competitors, and those that do not do proper research, will end up paying a significant amount for something that they could have received a discount on. You also have to be aware of the price of shipping. Even if they come from the same country, some of them will charge you far less than all of the other businesses.

Should You Consider Getting A Larger One?

If you want to get a larger one, you could do that. It’s sometimes better to get one that’s bigger than you actually think you need. By doing so, you will eliminate the need for having to buy another one that a later point in time when you are lifting heavier items at your facility. Some of them might be very close in price to the 3 ton models. If that is the case, get a quote and see how much it will cost. This will inevitably save you a lot of money, at least in the long run, helping you to avoid unnecessary purchases in the future.

3 Ton Overhead Crane
3 Ton Overhead Crane

Will It Take Long To Find A Company That Offers Affordable Pricing?

It is not going to take very long at all to get this done. You should be able to find a company that is willing to help you save a lot of money. These are businesses that are capable of providing you with significant discounts. They will also have some of the best machines out there. The amount of time that you spend is going to be just an hour or two. Your crane that you receive will be the results of this research. Sometimes it requires a little bit of effort, or perhaps talking to people that you know that have recently made the same purchase. This can lead you to excellent deals on these bridge cranes that you may need for your company.

Obtaining the best 3 ton bridge crane from a leading supplier is one that you really need to consider. It is so easy to do this, and by the end of the day, you will have the ability to save even more money from these businesses that are going to offer you even better deals. It’s going to help you move all of the heavier items in your warehouse, or at your workshop, making your life much easier. Your research is the key to ensuring that you purchase from a leading crane supplier when you are going to buy one of these 3 ton bridge cranes for less.